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Welcome to customized your own paper

Dear customer,

Usually we supply below three options to customize customer paper.


Option 1.

If you ask any special words, pattern, name or logo as full-embedded thread (strip) or watermark in paper, you have to take this way to customize your order, but this order will ask a min order quantity at least 1,000kg, it will be about 200,000,000 sheets A4 size for 70-90gsm, or 450,000,000 sheets A4 size for 36-40gsm.

Advantage: fast production; shortage: 1,000kg min order quantity.


Option 2.

If you need only 100% cotton paper or 75% cotton & 25% linen paper with/without visible fiber or invisible fiber, the paper weight is between 30gsm and 90gsm, you can take this way. if you also need a full-embedded thread (strip) in paper, but this thread have to be a blank thread without any words/pattern on it. We often receive this kind of inquiry from our customer, so we can combined all these same customer’s demand to customized their order, the key is that the min quantity will be between 300 and 500kg for each order by this option.

Advantage: 300-500kg min order quantity; shortage: no fixed production time..


Option 3.

Regularly we placed our orders to paper factory each year, but it has no a fixed time depending on our sale situation. These order only contains 100% cotton paper, 75% cotton 25% linen paper. The paper weight is among 36gsm,75gsm,80gsm,85gsm,90gsm with/without fiber, no watermark, no thread. You can take this option if your order are same as our order. Let us know if your order, it will speed up our production plan.

Advantage: 100-200kg min order quantity; shortage: no fixed production time.

Notice:any similar logo or pattern with banknote will be refused as thread (strip) or watermark in paper.


Let us know your choice. We will revert you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your choice to Gnatural Paper.

Best regards;

Gnatural Paper

Please supply us your customized demand,you will receive our feedback soon.
What's gsm of paper do you needed?
What's materials and color of paper do you needed?
What's kind of fiber on paper do you needed?
What's surface of paper do you needed?
What's kind of thread and watermark do you needed?
Do you need paper is starch-free or not?
What option is your choice to your customized order
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